Touhou Doujins Downloads

All of the touhou doujin that I uploaded that are not Toho Eurobeat are here and regardless genre.

[A-One] A-One – Brand New Sky
[A-One] 越田Rute隆人 – Montage Blue (A-One Best Collection Feat. 越田Rute隆人)
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T Presents Toho Euro Night One

[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T Presents Toho Euro Night Two
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol. 01 (Kashiramoji T / Initial T T-Selection)
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol. 02
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol. 03
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol. 04
[Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol. 05
[Digital Wing] 花たん – Digital Flower Best
[Digital Wing] peЯoco – Taste Me Up! -The Anthology Of peЯoco. Songs-
[Digital Wing] V.A. – Frozen Traveler
[Digital Wing] V.A. – デジウィ Contend  / デジウィ Contend Instrumentals (Digiui Contend)
[Digital Wing] V.A. – デジウィ Impact (Digiui Impact)
[EastNewSound] Sprout Intention The Instrumental
[Eurobeat Union] DJ Command – The Best Toho Euro Of DJ Command
[Eurobeat Union] Nu-Ko – The Best Of Nu-Ko Eurobeat
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 1 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 1)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 2 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 2)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 3 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 3)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 4 -Non-Stop Tera Mix- (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol.4 -Non-Stop Tera Mix-)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 5 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 5)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 6 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 6)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 7 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 7)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 8 -Non-Stop Tera Mix- (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 8 -Non-Stop Tera Mix-)
[Eurobeat Union] V.A. – V.A. – ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 9 (Euro Baka Ichidai Vol. 9)
[Gunfire] Luna – Tohobeat Flash News
[Halozy] Halozy – Aqua Trytone
[Halozy] Halozy – Crescendo Planet

[Halozy] Halozy – Starry Presto
[Halozy] Halozy – 東方プレイボール
[Halozy] Macaroom – 犬猫的電子座曲
[Halozy] V.A. – 864
[Halozy] V.A. – Bayside Beat
[Halozy] V.A. – Grand Slam
[Halozy] V.A. – Lucky 7
[Halozy] V.A. – Snow Melody
[Halozy] V.A. – Toho Cyber Trance 赤 (Aka) Halozy Trance Collection
[Halozy] V.A. – Toho Cyber Trance 青 (Toho Cyber Trance Ao)
[Halozy] V.A. – Viva Evolution
[Halozy] V.A. – ブチアゲ♂トウホウ -High Tension Toho- (Buchiage♂Touhou -High Tension Toho-)
[Halozy] V.A. – ブチアゲ♂トウホウ 2 -High Tension Toho- (Buchiage♂Touhou 2 -High Tension Toho-)
[Iosys] Minami – 東方 Faithful Star
[Iosys] Minami – 東方 JeuXinTerdiTs
[NJK Record] Toho Euro Flash vol. 1
[NJK Record] Toho Euro Flash vol. 2
[NJK Record] Toho Euro Flash Presents Toho Euromach Remixies+
[Sound Holic] Nana Takahashi – Nana Holic
[Sound Holic] V.A. – Sound Holic The Best Selection
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 地霊 -Chirei-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 永夜 -Eiya-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 封 -Fuu-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 博麗 -Hakurei-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 十六夜 -Izayoi-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 花映 -Kaei-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 霧雨 -Kirisame-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 紅魔 -Kouma-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 強敵 -Last Boss-
[Sound Holic] V.A. – 魔 -Oni-
[とらのあな] V.A. – 東方幻奏響Uroboros業 ~EndOfTheUltimateOverdrive~