The Good Records Catalog

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Here is the The Good Records catalog of releases. All releases are USER COMPILATIONS. They aren’t meant to be commercial releases. Click the link to go to the blog post for download, streaming and details. Also read the “Things of note” below the list.

Regular series

“Initial D” series

Youtube playlists:

Things of note:

  • All downloads are FREE.
  • All “CDs” are NOT meant to be sold. If you purchased any of these, you’ve been ripped off.
  • You can distribute… by linking to this page.
  • The only official Youtube videos are those linked on the respective release pages and in the playlists above. All videos are posted on my account called “Lebon19” on YouTube and “Lebon14” on Mixcloud.
  • I do not own any of the music. All rights belong to their respective owners.
  • Original pictures used in the artwork belong to their owners, when applicable.
  • All downloads are FLAC+CUE, except the Best 20/25 Of SEB where both options exists up until Vol.10. After that, it’s only single FLAC+CUE.
  • Only FLAC. Stream it if you want lossy or convert the FLAC youself.
  • All front covers are available in best quality in download.

The page will be updated every once in a while.