So this page is to clear up some questions I might receive. Yes, the questions were made up by myself.

  • I want to share your stuff around the web. Can I?

I can’t stop you, can I? It’ll be swell if you gave me credit though and link to the blog post I shared the stuff and my name “Lebon14”.

  • Are all the downloads your rips?

Unfortunately, no. But I will tell you if it’s not mine. When it’s not mine, I can verify that the files are 100% lossless. However, I can’t make 100% sure that they were ripped accurately as, most likely, the ripper doesn’t give jack shit about accurately ripping a CD. However, if I know the ripper, I’ll be able to tell about the ripping status.

The same goes for the scans. Sometimes, I get albums and they have scans. Most of the time, they don’t. For the scans, some of them where transcoded into PNG and 600dpi. Again, all will be said when it’s not me.

  • The archive is broken!

No, they are not. I bet that you are using an outdated version of WinRAR or 7-Zip. Or you’re using WinZIP. Let me spell it out for you: the RAR archives are archived using the RAR5 archiving algorhythm, not the old one. So, you need either WinRAR v5.0+ or 7-Zip v15.06+ in order to extract them. On Mac, there’s Keka with official support. On Linux, there’s “WinRAR for Linux” which is WinRAR in a WINE wrapper.

  • What’s usually included in the archives?

Depends of what you download.

For the BMP scans, well, there’s the scans in BMP format scanned at 400dpi.

For music, there’s your download in FLAC. If it’s my rip, there will be scans in JPG format (transcoded from the BMP above), the cover art (one per disc), the log, the cue file and a .m3u/.m3u8 playlist.

All archives are RAR5 format. BMP scans will use the “Best” compression setting with a 512MB dictionnary (meaning that if you have less than 512MB of RAM available, it’s going to take a huge while to uncompress) and a recovery record in case of actual corruption so you can repair it. For music, I use the RAR5 format but I only store the files in the package (no compression) and also use a recovery record.

  • *Insert reason on how I should care about / upload lossy here*

LOL, lossy. Only good for taking your music on the go or to play in shitty headphones / speakers.

  • But my internet speed!

I hear ya. However, I still hold my side of the stick. I’ll still only care about FLAC.

  • Can I have the JPG scans as a stand-alone?

No. Sorry.

  • I downloaded your FLAC upload to make *insert lossy format here*. Do you suggest any good software to convert the files into *lossy format here*.

First, I can only speak for Windows. You can use foobar2000 (free), dbPowerAmp (not free)… there are endless software for this. Note that iTunes, in Apple’s infinite wisdom, do not support FLAC natively. So, you can’t make your MP3s or AAC directly from that.

  • Why not scan at 600dpi?

Several reasons. First of all, a full set ends up LARGER than the album in FLAC itself, majority of the time! This is insane. For exemple, the BMP scans for SEB 200 (First Press) were a little short of 500MB at 400dpi. Multiple that by 3 for 600dpi. The two audio CDs are ~1.2GB in FLAC. And the artwork is 1.5GB? I’m a music collector, not a photograph collector.

Also, 300dpi is equivalent to the actual IRL print. So, I feel that 400dpi is a fine line between both. And no, I won’t take request for 600dpi scanning. The only 600dpi scans you’ll find here were done by other people.

  • I do not agree on how you are tagging. Please fix to match my preferences.

Well, too bad, I won’t.

  • I do not agree on how you are tagging doujin releases. Please fix to match my preferences.

Well, too bad I won’t. Except, for this, I’ll explain how I work. The doujin releases I’m mainly interessed in much more ressembles compilations more than albums. Then, with that in mind, I tag with the following rules:

  1. The track’s artist is always the vocalist first. Then, if the song is instrumental, the arranger is the artist. In last resort, it’s the circle.
  2. The Album Artist tag is always related with the “Artists” tags. So, unless there’s only 1 to 3 artists overall, it’s mostly gonna be “Various Artists”
  3. I enter a custom tag called “CIRCLE” to enter the circle’s name.

But you might asking yourself: “When do you use the circle’s name as an artist?”. When all the circle’s member acts as a band and each has a different role OR the circle consist of a single member. Exemple: Sekken-ya, Buta-otome.


More questions will be answered as I think of them / get them.