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[Halozy] Aqua Trytone

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*whistles* Yes, that CD…


Label / Catalog Number:  Halozy – HLZY-0008
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here, includes tracklist.
Release date: August 13, 2011
Rip info: Personal rip & scans
Download: Click here


The Best Of Non-Stop Toho Eurobeat 2011 and 2012-2013 updated!

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Hey guys! Both of these album pages have been updated with Perfect FLAC rips and complete scan sets! Links to their respective pages below and their download links.

The Best Of Non-Stop Toho Eurobeat 2011Download here
The Best Of Non-Stop Toho Eurobeat 2012-2013Download here

And with these, ALL main volumes of Toho Eurobeat have perfect FLACs!!!

[A-One] A-One – Brand New Sky

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Here’s the latest promo CDr from A-One!


Label / Catalog Number: A-One – none
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here, includes tracklist.
Release date: Oct. 15, 2017
Rip info: Personal rip and scan.
Download: Click here

November update!

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Hey guys, here’s your short November update.

So, today, I received the CDs described in the last update… which is just below this post. All CDs were accounted for… except Halozy’s Cinematic Disc, for some reason. I have reached out to my forwarder in hope for an explanation as he told me he got all of my Halozy request. So, hopefully, he just forgot to put it with the rest. If that’s the case, then, there’ll be another week delay for that particular disc. If not, I guess… mistakes happen.

B’z’ new album “Dinosaur” pre-order still stands. Should be here beginning December.

As for the next Winter Comiket, there’s a list of already released releases I’d like to get, in priority:

  • Bad Apple Feat. Nomico Compilation (Alstroemeria Records)
  • Raver’s Nest Best 2017 Toho Hyper Rave (Digital Wing)
  • NRG Nation Vol. 1 (Eurobeat Union)
  • 烏賊 -Ika- (Sound Holic)
  • Angel Time (Digital Wing)
  • Eternal Fantasia (Digital Wing)
  • Digihalo Nexus (Digital Wing + Halozy)
  • Digihalo Pride (Digital Wing + Halozy)
  • + new releases from A-One, Eurobeat Union, Crazy Beats and Sound Holic

If money permits, at some point:

  • Euro Baka Ichidai Dub-Mix Collection 1-3 (Eurobeat Union)
  • Sound Holic discography (there’s way too much, it’ll be in wave and SEB volumes)


Super Eurobeat Vol. 246 releases December 20. Yeah… Such a bad timing. In Avex’ mind, I guess they want SEB 250 in August…? Like they used to be released in? Well whatever, it’ll come with my doujin order in January. As for SEB 245, not before February. Sorry guys.

Update of October’s update.

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Hey guys.

I can confirm you what CDs will be in my next order! So, these will be shared probably around beginning to mid November.

From A-One

  • New single “Brand New Sky”, released for Aki Reitaisai, Koromu and M3.
  • The Best Of Non-Stop Toho Eurobeat 2011
  • The Best Of Non-Stop Toho-Eurobeat 2012-2013

From SuganoMusic

  • Eurobeat Festival Vol. 4

From Halozy

Since they were going into a hiatus for a while, I decide to binge on Halozy CDs. There are quite a few available already here and, all of them had a rip in “Touhou Lossless Torrent”, but I’m here to make my own rips of them. And there are… 10 of them. No joke.

  • ブチアゲ♂トウホウ 1 (Buchiage Touhou 1 (with 556mm))
  • ブチアゲ♂トウホウ 2 (Buchiage Touhou 2 (with 556mm))
  • Viva Evolution
  • Toho Cyber Trance 赤 (Aka) Halozy Trance Collection
  • Bayside Beat
  • Aqua Trytone (yes, that one)
  • Cinematic Disc
  • Snow Melody
  • Future Love
  • Crescendo Planet
  • Starry Presto

So, with these, I’ll have 15 Halozy releases! And then, it’ll be a pain to hunt down the remaining discs…

Also, for B’z, I took the CD+Blu-ray edition. Coz why not, right?


[TGCD-0028] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 18 -SEB Vol. 171 To Vol. 180-

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There we are! Next mix is the mix of the year… releasing January 1st 2018.


Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. One Touch / Ace Feat. La Gatta
02. Countdown To Destination / Manuel
03. Once Upon A Time / Pamsy
04. Futureland / Ace
05. Midnight Love / Neo
06. Glorious / Powerful T.
07. Mad Desire / Stephy Martini
08. Fighting! / Cody
09. Bad Bad Bad / Energy Man
10. Secret Passion / Dolly
11. Ready, Steady, Go! / Manuel
12. Power / Go 2
13. I’m OK / Dana
14. Iron Man / Mark Astley
15. Rock Me / Mega NRG Man Feat. Kiko Loureiro
16. Viva La Noche / Christine Feat. Elvis El Latino
17. Rain / Cherry
18. Rockin’ Hardcore / Fastway
19. Red Light And Sex / Mega NRG Man
20. Go Racin’ Go / Fastway
21. Running Ninja / Eurofunk
22. The World Is You / Mr. M
23. No Religion / Ace Warrior
24. Burn Me Up / Nick Mansell
25. Get My Hot Gun / Mad Cow

I’m very very very very very proud of this mix. In turned out so good, all the songs are top notch! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did making it!

[TGCD-0027] Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 17 -SEB Vol. 161 To Vol. 170-

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Vol. 18 Next Monday!


Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. Super Striker / Go 2
02. Domino / Alvin
03. Switch! / Melissa White & Ace
04. Disco Fire / Neo Vs. Dave Rodgers
05. Yeah! / Christine
06. Like A Fire / Mark Foster
07. Looka Bomba / Go 2
08. Black U.F.O. / Lupin
09. Laser Light (Eurobeat Version) / Ivan B
10. Just For Me / Vivi
11. Walkin’ In The Shadow / Pamsy
12. Shock Out / Fastway
13. Lucky Doom / Jeff Driller
14. Super Guts / Jeff Driller
15. Chemical Love / Kevin & Cherry
16. Little Don / The Factory Team
17. Gun Boy / The Factory Team
18. Rider Of The Sky / Ace
19. Eldorado / Dave Rodgers
20. Like A Virgin 2005 / Virginelle
21. Bazookistan / Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra
22. Super Kaiser / Garcon
23. Pride / Dave
24. Queen / Mark Foster
25. Hi Hi Mazinga / Bombers

Mixed at 166 BPM.

This is probably one of my best mixes I’ve ever done, hands down. Too bad that I totally forgot about “Stop To Give Up” by Eurofunk (SEB 162); it’s one of the best track of that decade. Lucky Doom would have taken the boot easily.


Gabrielle Destroismaisons – Etc.

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That’s the non-Japanese, non-doujin, non-eurobeat CD I was talking about in the October update post.


Label / Catalog Number: C&C Musique – CCMCD-100
Country: Canada
Discogs link: Click here, includes tracklist.
Release date: 2000
Rip info: Personal rip & scans
Download: Click here

[TGCD-0026] Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 16 -SEB Vol. 151 To Vol. 160-

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Released: Oct. 9, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. Inside Your Heart (Original Pop Version) / Queen 26
02. Inside Your Heart (SEB Euro-House Version) / Queen 26
03. Victim / Leslie Parrish
04. Rambo Demolition / Tam Arrow
05. Velfarre 2000 / Bazooka Girl
06. Ike Ike / Tri-Star
07. Power Of Sound / Ace
08. Déjà Vu / Dave Rodgers
09. Go Go Money / Neo
10. Make Or Brake / Fastway
11. Spacelove / Fastway
12. Sticky, Tricky And Bang / Sticky, Tricky And Bang
13. Criminals / Bonnie & Clyde
14. Fire On The Beat / Ace Warrior
15. Speed Demon (King Of Kings) / Oda
16. Speed Car / D-Team
17. Emotions / Stephy Martini
18. 777 / Fastway
19. Livin’ In The Night / Pamsy
20. Hello / Pamsy
21. Fine / Melissa White
22. Shout / J. Storm
23. Kingo King’O Beat / Fastway
24. Big Boy / Manuel
25. Stop And Go / Jeff Driller
26. Snowgame Fighters / Mickey B.

Original artwork by: Nez-Box (pixiv:
Artwork link:

It’s finally here. And this time, I decided against the lyrics within the video unfortunately. However, I did put everything in a text file and post that on Pastebin. See above (with Streaming and DL links)

This one starts off slow, with a pop bonus track. And before, anyone asks, I do count the two first track as one and only track. But I digress. Even with this slow portion, don’t be fooled because just 90sec in, the speed picks up and even more at 7 minutes 44 seconds in… until the end! (Well, besides the slow down for “Emotions” by Stephy Martini) This is one heck of a ride once it starts. Also features the meme track, Déjà Vu by Dave Rodgers (which I could have put 3 volumes before but forgot about it until its next appearance, SEB 160). Hope you guys enjoy the mix I much as I did.

October Update

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Hey guys!

  • About September CDs…?

So, unfortunately, I did not get to buy any CDs last month after all. I saved that cash to be able to buy Pokemon Ultra Moon in November but…

  • October CDs!

However, I did buy at least 3 CDs this month. The TEBs I was missing (the most expensive of the bunch ;_; ), Eurobeat Festival Vol. 4 (yes, it’s coming this early) from Sugano and a few Halozy CDs (which one I get is still pending). But… I took a big decision: NO SUPER EUROBEAT VOL. 245. It’s a trash mix. So, priority went waaaaaaaay down. I’ll probably get it somewhere early next year; maybe along with SEB 246. So, don’t rely on me for this one. Also, there’s a non-doujin, non-eurobeat, non-japan CD coming this week. I don’t know if you guys will care about this one. You’ll probably laugh at it more than anything. But whatever.

  • November and December CDs…?

I don’t plan on buying much if any CDs at all because I’ll be financially tight for these two months. The only thing I plan to buy is B’z’ new album “Dinosaur” coming at the end of November. I don’t know what edition I’ll get since they didn’t announce the editions just yet. Also, there’ll be C93 at the end of December. Raver’s Nest Best 2017 and Sound Holic’s Ika (which releases next week at Aki Reitaisai) are probably sure fire. I’ll have to look into my budget as this will fall into my January budget which is still tight AF (loosens in February, and yes, it’s my car “repair payments”). Also, I know for a fact that there won’t be new Halozy stuff because they are taking a break for some time. FeelsBadMan

That is all for now… or is it? Keep your eyes peeled TODAY!