Electronic Music Downloads

Here are the releases that prominently dwells in electonic but are not eurobeat. If it relates to Touhou, it’ll be in the Touhou Doujin section, not here. This category is also not necessarily a Japanese release.

Bus Stop – The Best Of Bus Stop
Froggy Mix – No Nagging (Na-Na, Na, Na, Na) (TOXCD-3046 (Var1))
Overhead Champion – Back To Basics
Y&Co. – Best Hits Yco
V.A. – Dancemania Presents 夏物語 2009 Supported By 9LoveJ
V.A. – Exit Trance Presents R25 Speed アニメトランス Best 2
V.A. – Exit Trance Presents Speed アニメトランス Best 18 Exterded Versions
V.A. – Super Best Trance Request Countdown
V.A. – That’s Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 1
V.A. – Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 Presents Evolution Vol. 2
V.A. – Trance Rave Best VI
V.A. – Trance Rave Best XVII
森永真由美 ‎– Drift Of The Wind