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July stuff updated BMP scans!

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So, with that out of the way, I have some stuff to share. You may have noticed that I shared some OLD BMP scans on my Scans download page. I want to upgrade some of them.

Super Eurobeat Vol. 197
Super Eurobeat Vol. 201
Super Eurobeat Vol. 203

And, as a bonus, a new set of scans in uncompressed BMP files. Volume 100! A whopping 514 MB!

Super Eurobeat Vol. 100

So, with that, I need to create a brand new MEGA account. The one I’m using as 8.2MB left lol.


Re: About SEB 243 rip

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I received the answer from Amazon JP. They’ll send me a replacement and I’m free to do what I want with the copy I have. So, guess what guys? I’ll be working on the rip ASAP!

About SEB 243 rip

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See this pic:


Huge loss of time. Super angry about it. In fact, Amazon ALWAYS had this issue of bad packaging. They ship fast, have lots of stuff, good prices but GODDAMN. The packaging is the worst fucking thing about them.

So, if they are willing to send a replacement and let me keep this one, I’m going to open it and rip & scan it asap. If they want it back, I need to keep it sealed. Since I’m 13h behind, I can’t chat with them until 8pm tonight (they open at 9am). So yeah. Just looking at it, angers me to no end. I’m paying 50$CAD for this and there’s 0 protection. Look:


Cheap as fuck bubble enveloppe. There was a receip, the CD and nothing else. No, the CD was NOT enveloppe in bubble wrap like with CDJapan.

Why didn’t you order on CDJapan then?

Because I couldn’t? Look, the url for SEB 243  and it is not available; in fact, it’s not even listed:

But it’s up on Neowing (Japan-only CDJapan branch):

Maybe it has a different URL, duh!

No, it does not. See:

Why is that so?

They don’t sell -any- Avex products anymore because of a dumb misunderstanding they have.

See this post on Eurobeat-Prime Forums for their answer: Click here.

Do you have alternatives?

Yes. I’ll try HMV Japan next time for 244. It’s about the same price. Otherwise, I’ll just have my forwarder pre-order on Neowing and re-ship me the box. Unfortunately, it’ll cost me even more than it cost me more and I’d better avoid that.


That’ll be all.

Two Twitter threads I made you MUST read.

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Hi guys.

Click the date (ie. “4:29PM – 19 June 2017”) to see the full thread.

The first thread you must read, is this one:

And the second one is NOT pleasant. If you know of my reputation, you know better than that: Read the rest of this entry »

Eurobeat Cover Art Collection

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Here’s something different! This is something I worked on today. So, I went on Ben Dodson’s iTunes Artwork Finder and downloaded the most eurobeat cover art I could find. I also included a lot of stuff from Junodownload (lower resolution though), bandcamp and artists website too. I also decided to avoid scans and photos as much as possible. The resulting file is… nearly 1 GB with 746 files!

Download here!!

I did not alter any of the file, except my own and a very very very few exceptions. If something’s missing, it’s because it’s unavailable, etc. There are also some cover art that I have that aren’t even available anymore!

Also, I don’t know if I will be updating this or not given that it’s a 1GB upload each time…



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…I will provide SEB 242. Next week. Probably. Coz I’m too cheap to have EMS shipping like everybody else. Or to live in a country where Air Mail isn’t slow mail.

[SuganoMusic] V.A. – Eurobeat Festival Vol. 2

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Wonder why he didn’t put these on bandcamp yet… His loss (May 5 update: Scratch that sentence); haven’t removed the first one and the second one came out. Oh and this cover art covers a SEB album’s cover. Yep, SEB 178.


Label / Catalog Number: SuganoMusic – SMCD-0019
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here includes tracklist.
Release date: Dec. 31, 2016 (May 6 2017 WEB DL)
Rip info: Personal rip and scans
Download: Time’s up. Please encourage Sugano here.

[SuganoMusic] V.A. – Eurobeat Festival Vol.1

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Important note: As soon as Sugano releases this on his Bandcamp, I WILL remove the download link for this. At the time I’m writing this, the CD is only available in Japan so, yeah.


Label / Catalog Number: SuganoMusic – SMCD-0017
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here includes tracklist.
Release date: August 13, 2016 (May 6, 2017 WEB DL)
Rip info: Personal rip & scans.
Download: Time’s up. Please encourage Sugano here.

xnView MP Version 0.64

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The developper of xnView MP likes to not keep the old and working version on their website. So, if you guys have issues with newer builds, here’s v0.64:

MEGA (v0.64 – x64)

Note that this version is for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. It will work on WIndows 10 but you won’t be able to use it as default.


My point of view on illegal downloading

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Before reading, this is a copy-paste from a post I made on a forum I frequent regularly.  It is in context of that forum.  Also, “Eurobeat” can be replaced by any other musical genre and “Avex”, however, can be replaced by a label that does not market their music outside the country they are presently.  So, like it or not, this is my point of view.


Man, these DarkSky and co. need to stop their “efforts” and stop taking links down. You cannot stop the music downloads. It’s futile. In fact, music piracy is not as bad as you believe it is. Look, it helps the user to decide what to buy, and what to not buy. It’s proven. Yes, some users will totally refuse to give a cent to Eurobeat or any other genres in the music industry.

Then, it leads me to the music industry. It simply needs to get over the whole physical stuff, change the way it sees things otherwise, it will simply leads to its loss. Music piracy will NEVER stop. Never ever. It’s unstoppable. There will always be a new way to evade the new (already useless) governement laws. Those industries are lead by money and forget the art all the musicians associated to them are making. Thus, they always go and try to stop it, when they (somehow) know that it will simply not stop at all instead of finding a new way to sell things, a new way to advertise their music online; find a new business model. Eurobeat is no exception.

Avex is simply shooting themselves in the foot by keeping the genre in Japan instead of advertising it outside. Also, they also shoot themselves again by making it hard to buy the actual physical copy. Bad tongues will say that you can buy the physicals on CDJapan, Amazon jp or HMV jp or single tracks on Mora, Musico and iTunes. Yes, you can buy Eurobeat there.

For physical copies, some people might not feel safe to order online or some might not have a credit card. Oh! Talking credit cards, in some countries, contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to get a credit card like in South America where you need to win a lot of money to have one. Some might not want one because they fear of overusing it and become in-debt. Back on topic, there are other factor as why people don’t buy online : that can be language or money, etc.

Language can be a huge barrier. People that talks Portuguese or other languages might know next to no English and then, ordering online can be very hard especially when they face an English or Japanese website. Online translators doesn’t always makes things look good either.

For music downloads, musico and mora can be very difficult to buy from there. On musico, you have to rely on web translators. It’s hard to navigate around too. Language is a very big barrier for musico. For, mora, it’s very hard to buy from that place since it’s closed to Japan. There are ways to buy from oversea but you still need to go over the language barrier or have some skills in computers. For Junodownload, again, English can still be a barrier for some people. Juno although a very good service can throw people out with expensive price and, you only have a few Eurobeat labels on there (Hi-NRG Attack and Saifam/Asia).

On iTunes, some people hate the software, thus, not likely to go and buy there. Also, the format that Apple offers the songs can still throw people off because some people doesn’t really have understanding in computers and probably don’t know how to convert those files to MP3 because they might not have an iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone.

Concerning iTunes Japan, to be honnest I didn’t check DarkSky’s tuto, it’s not everyone that will go buy a 3000 yens iTunes card on JBOX and then, to go and buy some tracks they may like. Also, you have to calculate how much it is in their currency. To a canadian like me, it’s nearly 34$. But for some, like in Mexico, 3000yen is 415 Pesos!!! That might be a lot for them.

All that said, all those factors alone, can stop people from buying. It’s NOT true that everyone is able to buy the physical albums or buy downloads. That is why they resort to download and that is why IDW offers to be able to share to those who aren’t able to buy. For some, it’s not because they wouldn’t pay to encourage Eurobeat, it’s because they can’t pay for it.

So, in conclusion, “Self-Righteous Knights”, stop trying. It’s useless. Get it thru’ your thick skulls. If you don’t want to believe me, you get off the Internet. You’ll be sad for all your life. If you stay on Internet, you need to live with piracy. You need to adapt to it.

tl;dr : Seriously, stop being lazy and read my post. That cannot be explained in one sentence.