Best 20 Of SEB

[TGCD-0028] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 18 -SEB Vol. 171 To Vol. 180-

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There we are! Next mix is the mix of the year… releasing January 1st 2018.


Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. One Touch / Ace Feat. La Gatta
02. Countdown To Destination / Manuel
03. Once Upon A Time / Pamsy
04. Futureland / Ace
05. Midnight Love / Neo
06. Glorious / Powerful T.
07. Mad Desire / Stephy Martini
08. Fighting! / Cody
09. Bad Bad Bad / Energy Man
10. Secret Passion / Dolly
11. Ready, Steady, Go! / Manuel
12. Power / Go 2
13. I’m OK / Dana
14. Iron Man / Mark Astley
15. Rock Me / Mega NRG Man Feat. Kiko Loureiro
16. Viva La Noche / Christine Feat. Elvis El Latino
17. Rain / Cherry
18. Rockin’ Hardcore / Fastway
19. Red Light And Sex / Mega NRG Man
20. Go Racin’ Go / Fastway
21. Running Ninja / Eurofunk
22. The World Is You / Mr. M
23. No Religion / Ace Warrior
24. Burn Me Up / Nick Mansell
25. Get My Hot Gun / Mad Cow

I’m very very very very very proud of this mix. In turned out so good, all the songs are top notch! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did making it!


[TGCD-0027] Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 17 -SEB Vol. 161 To Vol. 170-

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Vol. 18 Next Monday!


Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. Super Striker / Go 2
02. Domino / Alvin
03. Switch! / Melissa White & Ace
04. Disco Fire / Neo Vs. Dave Rodgers
05. Yeah! / Christine
06. Like A Fire / Mark Foster
07. Looka Bomba / Go 2
08. Black U.F.O. / Lupin
09. Laser Light (Eurobeat Version) / Ivan B
10. Just For Me / Vivi
11. Walkin’ In The Shadow / Pamsy
12. Shock Out / Fastway
13. Lucky Doom / Jeff Driller
14. Super Guts / Jeff Driller
15. Chemical Love / Kevin & Cherry
16. Little Don / The Factory Team
17. Gun Boy / The Factory Team
18. Rider Of The Sky / Ace
19. Eldorado / Dave Rodgers
20. Like A Virgin 2005 / Virginelle
21. Bazookistan / Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra
22. Super Kaiser / Garcon
23. Pride / Dave
24. Queen / Mark Foster
25. Hi Hi Mazinga / Bombers

Mixed at 166 BPM.

This is probably one of my best mixes I’ve ever done, hands down. Too bad that I totally forgot about “Stop To Give Up” by Eurofunk (SEB 162); it’s one of the best track of that decade. Lucky Doom would have taken the boot easily.


[TGCD-0026] Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 16 -SEB Vol. 151 To Vol. 160-

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Released: Oct. 9, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include voice-over at the end)
Streaming: YouTube ;;; Mixcloud (includes voice-over at the end)
Lyrics: Sing along by clicking here!

01. Inside Your Heart (Original Pop Version) / Queen 26
02. Inside Your Heart (SEB Euro-House Version) / Queen 26
03. Victim / Leslie Parrish
04. Rambo Demolition / Tam Arrow
05. Velfarre 2000 / Bazooka Girl
06. Ike Ike / Tri-Star
07. Power Of Sound / Ace
08. Déjà Vu / Dave Rodgers
09. Go Go Money / Neo
10. Make Or Brake / Fastway
11. Spacelove / Fastway
12. Sticky, Tricky And Bang / Sticky, Tricky And Bang
13. Criminals / Bonnie & Clyde
14. Fire On The Beat / Ace Warrior
15. Speed Demon (King Of Kings) / Oda
16. Speed Car / D-Team
17. Emotions / Stephy Martini
18. 777 / Fastway
19. Livin’ In The Night / Pamsy
20. Hello / Pamsy
21. Fine / Melissa White
22. Shout / J. Storm
23. Kingo King’O Beat / Fastway
24. Big Boy / Manuel
25. Stop And Go / Jeff Driller
26. Snowgame Fighters / Mickey B.

Original artwork by: Nez-Box (pixiv:
Artwork link:

It’s finally here. And this time, I decided against the lyrics within the video unfortunately. However, I did put everything in a text file and post that on Pastebin. See above (with Streaming and DL links)

This one starts off slow, with a pop bonus track. And before, anyone asks, I do count the two first track as one and only track. But I digress. Even with this slow portion, don’t be fooled because just 90sec in, the speed picks up and even more at 7 minutes 44 seconds in… until the end! (Well, besides the slow down for “Emotions” by Stephy Martini) This is one heck of a ride once it starts. Also features the meme track, Déjà Vu by Dave Rodgers (which I could have put 3 volumes before but forgot about it until its next appearance, SEB 160). Hope you guys enjoy the mix I much as I did.

Two Twitter threads I made you MUST read.

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Hi guys.

Click the date (ie. “4:29PM – 19 June 2017”) to see the full thread.

The first thread you must read, is this one:

And the second one is NOT pleasant. If you know of my reputation, you know better than that: Read the rest of this entry »

[TGCD-0024] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 14 -SEB Vol.131 To Vol. 140-

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Suuuuuuurprise! Or maybe not if you found the cover below in the Eurobeat covers pack I offered a few days ago! (along with the tracklist)


Released: June 1st, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending TTS voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Hey Mr. Dee Jay / Domino
02. Da Burning Tokyo / Tokyo Future
03. Break It Down / Mark Gillan
04. Mikado / Dave McLoud
05. Stop Your Self Control / Marko Polo
06. Baby I’m Your Lady / Go Go Girls
07. On My Own / Donna
08. Bang / Pizza Girl
09. Demolition / J. Storm
10. Pamela / Matt Land
11. Forever / Dave & Domino
12. Loving Forever / Queen Of Hearts
13. Let The Rain / Mickey B.
14. Big Bang / Nik Key
15. Sex Crime / Oda
16. Gimme The Count / Go Go Girls
17. Baby Get My Fire Tonite / Nuage
18. I Just Want To Keep You Hangin’ On / Nuage
19. Fall In The Web Of Desire / Powerful T.
20. Mystic Love / Lou Turner
21. Power Of Desperation / Dr. Love
22. Dream On Dream / Stephy Martini
23. In The Name Of Love / Kevin Johnson
24. Beautiful Day / Lolita
25. The Race Is Over / Dave Rodgers

This mix feels rough but I know most people will love it regardless!

“Bang” by Pizza Girl is the single only Eurobeat song I know that has a tempo change. It starts up at, if I remember, at 125 BPM. Then picks up at 150 BPM when the bass drum kicks in. So, in the mix, since I had to put that 125 BPM section to 160 BPM, there will be this singing pitch change that sounds kinda ackward. So, this is your explanation why! 😉

Otherwise, SCP joins the PARTY!!!!! FINALLY! But next volume, we’ll have Hi-NRG Attack and, for a volume or two, Vibration added to the mix! \o/

Hope you enjoy this mix! See you later for SEB 243 coming later this month!

[TGCD-0023] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 13 -SEB Vol.121 To Vol. 130-

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And while you wait for me to provide SEB 242, let’s get the Next Best 25 Of SEB on the road, shall we?


Released: April 8, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Fight / Mega NRG Man
02. Supersonic Lover / Atrium Feat. Helena
03. Incredible Love / De La Vega
04. Over The Rainbow / Powerful T.
05. Fragile / The Spiders From Mars Feat. Kiko Loureiro
06. Sunday / Nuage
07. She’s A Devil / Mr. M
08. Come On / Roswell
09. Express Love / Mega NRG Man
10. Overload / Matt Land
11. Gotcha! / Domino
12. State Of The Nation / Dr. Love
13. Tonight / Delta Queens
14. Radio Tokyo / Mr. M
15. Dancing In The Rain / Matt Land
16. Dancin’ In My Dreams / J. Storm
17. The Road Is On Fire / Matt Land Feat. Kiko Loureiro
18. Ready To Go / Mega NRG Man
19. Day & Night / The Spiders From Mars
20. Living For / Virgin Power
21. Fall In Love / Stephy Martini
22. Flash In The Night / Madison
23. Killer / Dave Simon
24. Fevernova / Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro
25. Stop / Domino

Express Love! Yeah, I looped the chorus of the song once lol. Too good. For the rest, it’s a pretty good mix. However, for me, that decade wasn’t very memorable at all. From that tracklist, I’d say maybe “Fight”, “Sunday”, “She’s A Devil”, “Express Love”, “Gotcha!”, “Tonight” and Fall In Love” are memorable. Ther esta re just pretty much what i thought to be popular / what is memorable for other fans.

Anyway, enjoy!

[TGCD-0022] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 12 -SEB Vol. 111 To Vol. 120-

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It’s finally here!!


Released: April 8, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Let’s Go To The Show ~ K2 The Auto Messe / Dave Rodgers
02. Listen To Eurobeat / Tokyo Future
03. Crime Of Passion / Kevin Johnson
04. Vamos A La Playa / Arena 69
05. The Year Of The Dragon / Powerful T.
06. Invisible / Matt Land
07. Wheels Of Fire / Dave Rodgers
08. Fun Fun Pharaoh / King & Queen
09. Baby Gigolò / Priscilla
10. Hot Vampire / Go Go Girls
11. Rock Of The Nation / Mad Max
12. Speed Lover / Speedman
13. Everybody Dance / Lolita
14. Ale’ Japan / Dave Rodgers
15. Da-Du-Ri-Dan / Suzy Lazy
16. Dancing Crazy / D.Essex
17. Mission To Tokyo / Mako
18. Bang Bang (Kill My Heart) / Speedman
19. Kiss Me Goodbye / Michael Beat
20. Light Your Fire / Lolita
21. Captain Fantastic / Matt Land
22. Fight For Your Empire / Powerful T.
23. She Bangs / Dr. Love
24. Fever The Night / Matt Land
25. Night Clubbin’ / Matt Land

I would believe if you thought I stopped this series. To be perfectly honnest, I had this started back at the end of Nov. 2016. I had up to track 7 mixed, I believe. But then, my focus shifted to The Best Eurobeat Of 2016, then, my focus moved onto other projects then on others then back to this… like… Middle of march. No joke. Ah well. I should be able to pick the pace nicely for the rest of the year depending on how much CDs I will rip. Hahaha.

Fun fact: I had a lot of trouble rendering the Youtube video for this mix. My GPU driver kept crashing over and over and, in turn, made Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 crash. So, after much much testing (like 1h), it’s because of a scale effect used at the total beginning that,s omehow, my GPU didn’t like. And you know what? After that first effect, there was another one, exactly the same, and there was no issue. Go figure.


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I think I owe you guys an update

Where are the new uploads?

My next batch of releases is in the mail. I should get the CDs somewhere next week. However, most of the CDs leaked already…? I think…? Might be just private torrent trackers though. Either way, regardless of leaked or not, I’ll be making my own rips and scans. Stay tuned: 10 (TEN) CDs are coming!

Do you have an update on updated SEB 190’s scans?

They are still not done but that’s the next thing I tackle in the next days!

Are you working on the next Best 25 Of SEB?

Believe it or not, I started it in November 2016 as a kind of an in-between projects. So, yes. However, around that time, my favorite music community closed and… I joined another music-minded community and it all threw off all my plans as I spent time on there and, on top of that, work on the Best Of Eurobeat 2016 at the same time. So, between Best Of 2016 and other stuff, it has been pushing off the next Best 25 Of SEB. Yesterday, I just finished updating my stuff for the music community (just took 3 months). So, once the updated SEB 190’s scans are all edited and proper, the next batch of CDs ripped, scanned and edited, it will probably be the next thing I tackle. However……. there’s The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and I will be picking it up… So, yeah. SO much stuff I wanna do. But, don’t worry, I’ll get around to it! I’ll finish the series for sure!!! You just need to be patient.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to comment and I’ll get around to answer your concerns.

See you guys around.

[TGCD-0020] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 11 -SEB Vol.101 To Vol. 110-

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Released: Nov. 12, 2016

Download Single-FLAC+CUE ;;; Mixcloud ;;; YouTube
From now on, because of the few downloads the FLAC gets, I’ll only upload the Single-FLAC + CUE.

01. Telephone! Telephone! / Denise
02. Popteen / Domino
03. Eye Of The Tiger / J. Storm
04. Summer Night / Virginelle
05. Fly To Me To The Moon & Back / The Spiders From Mars
06. Grand Prix / Mega NRG Man
07. Speedway / Niko
08. Fly To Me / Matt Land
09. Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) / Domino
10. Hurry Man / Lolita
11. It’s My Life / Toby Ash
12. Wild Desire / Ace Warrior
13. Baby Revolution / Triumph
14. Take Me Baby / Mickey B.
15. Supernight / Linda Ross
16. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Eurobeat Mix) / Vengaboys
17. High Satisfaction / Thomas T.
18. Out Of Sight / Mr. Groove
19. Dreamin’ Of You / Lolita
20. Tomodachi Big Friend / Domino
21. Don’t Worry Baby / Alexis
22. Dance Away / Derreck Simons
23. Dancer / Mako
24. Saving The World / Eurobeat Girls
25. The Final Countdown / Dave Rodgers

[TGCD-0019] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 10 -SEB Vol. 90 To Vol. 100-

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Released: October 9, 2016

Download Single-FLAC+CUE ;;; Download Multi-FLAC ;;; Mixcloud streaming ;;; Youtube

01. Go Godzilla Go / Ika
02. Space Racing / Atrium
03. Excitable / Mako
04. Play With The Numbers / Domino
05. Shy Gun / Oda
06. Burning Desire / Mega NRG Man
07. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Wain L
08. 100 / Dave Rodgers
09. Big In Japan / Robert Patton
10. 1 For The Money 2 For The Show / Niko
11. Make My Day / Derreck Simons
12. Vision Of My Love / Robert Patton
13. Don’t You (Forget About My Love) / Sophie
14. Anniversary / Dave, Domino & Virginelle
15. Love Generation / Suzy Lazy
16. Get Wild / Aleph
17. Night In Tokyo / Atrium
18. Everybody’s Warming / Tension
19. / Newfield, Moroni, Sinclaire
20. Too Young To Die / Doki Doki
21. Ride The Lion / Elvis
22. Superdance / Vicky Vale
23. Miracle Tonite / Lolita
24. Criminal Love / Dr. Money
25. Tokyo Future / Tokyo Future Feat. Marko Polo & Mako