Day: August 2, 2017

Update post, early August edition.

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Oi guys! It’s time for another update!

  • August 2017

SEB 124-127, 197, 199, 201-203 got here like… on July 24th. It take a while to get everything going. They all should be shared in the coming days. I only have a few things to be done with the scans. Please note that the rips of SEB 197, 201 and 203 are not fresh per se. I have done these rip with EAC 1.0b3 a few years ago actually. They still hold and re-ripping them with EAC 1.3 will not change the quality whatsoever.

As for new CDs this month, I talked about it briefly in the last update. But I finally have a list.

  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 244
  • [SuganoMusic] Eurobeat Festival Vol. 3 (Remember: this will be made available until Sugano uploads it to bandcamp!)
  • [Eurobeat Union] ユーロバカ一代 Vol. 9 (CD + DVD)
  • [Eurobeat Union] Nu-Ko – Best Of Nu-Ko (Momiji is love <3)
  • [Crazy Beats] 頭文字T T-Selection Vol.05
  • [Crazy Beats] Toho Euro Night Two
  • [A-One] Toho Eurobeat Vol. 16 -永夜抄-
  • [A-One] Montage Blue (A-One Best Collection Feat. 越田Rute隆人)
  • [Sound Holic] 強敵 -Last Boss-

All the doujin will be delayed by SEB 244’s release on August 23. Then, it’ll take a few days for my forwarder to send everything. So. Don’t expect anything until September, unfortunately; unless I decide to have the doujin and SEB shipped separately. In which case, I’d have the doujins two weeks or so after August 11. I still haven’t decided.

  • September 2017

There won’t be much that month. I wanna take it slow for once and focus my cash somewhere else.

So, there will be Raver’s Nest Best 2017 Toho Hyper Rave and MAYBE, if they are still available, the two last mixes I’m missing from the Toho Eurobeat series. There’s one month left before I can figure it out.

Alright. That’s it for now! Cheers.