Day: July 15, 2017

Update post, July Edition.

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I’m able to confirm the next batch of rips and/or scans I’m going to upload!

July (final list):

  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 197 -King Of Eurobeat-. I could already up the mix since I made a rip a long time ago, but I’ll do it with a new set of scans.
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 199 -Collaboration Of Eurobeat-
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 201
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 202
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 203

That’s it for the “unimpressive” ones. Now, for the more valuable ones.

  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 124 (First Press 2CDs)
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 125 (First Press 2CDs)
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 126 (First Press 2CDs)
  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 127 (First Press 2CDs)

As far as I know, SEB124-129 First Press 2CDs only three volumes were ripped together: SEB 126, 128 and 129. By that, I mean, that the both CDs in the package were ripped together and just not have 2 different rips stitched together. You just can’t assume that the first disc is bit-pefectly the same across editions. But they all have faults in my eyes. SEB 126 have Russian logs (probably perfect but can’t make sure coz all log checkers check against English) and multiple-things-on-the-platter-and-no-post-processing scans. SEB 128 is a EAC 0.99 log with no checksum and no scans. SEB 129 weren’t perfect rips (65%). It also has scans but they are incomplete and “OK” quality.

ETA: End of July, early August. However, I can’t promise hard dates since it’s a LOT of work making rip & scans. Prepping everything is a good week of work easily.

August Preview:

  • V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 244 – that’s a given
  • [SuganoMusic] V.A. – Eurobeat Festival Vol. 3 (as long as the bandcamp page is not up)
  • Other doujin stuff. We’ll see what’s announced for Summer Comiket. Only Sugano’s release is confirmed.

If I have to stipulate, A-One and Sound Holic will have new material. Zun will release Touhou 16 soooooooooooo… yeah… I hope that Crazy Beats, Eurobeat Union and Halozy will release new stuff too.

Regardless, we’ll talk about that in the next update post! Which will be, hopefully, be a thing from now on.