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V.A. – Super Eurobeat Vol. 243

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The usual!


Label / Catalog Number: Avex SucksTrax – AVCD-10243
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here, includes tracklist.
Release date: June 21, 2017
Rip info: Personal rip & scans
Download: Click here RE-UPLOADED Nov. 16, 2017

I also will start to make these pics small but clicking them will give the big version. Also, the big version is also included in the download.


Re: About SEB 243 rip

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I received the answer from Amazon JP. They’ll send me a replacement and I’m free to do what I want with the copy I have. So, guess what guys? I’ll be working on the rip ASAP!

About SEB 243 rip

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See this pic:


Huge loss of time. Super angry about it. In fact, Amazon ALWAYS had this issue of bad packaging. They ship fast, have lots of stuff, good prices but GODDAMN. The packaging is the worst fucking thing about them.

So, if they are willing to send a replacement and let me keep this one, I’m going to open it and rip & scan it asap. If they want it back, I need to keep it sealed. Since I’m 13h behind, I can’t chat with them until 8pm tonight (they open at 9am). So yeah. Just looking at it, angers me to no end. I’m paying 50$CAD for this and there’s 0 protection. Look:


Cheap as fuck bubble enveloppe. There was a receip, the CD and nothing else. No, the CD was NOT enveloppe in bubble wrap like with CDJapan.

Why didn’t you order on CDJapan then?

Because I couldn’t? Look, the url for SEB 243  and it is not available; in fact, it’s not even listed:

But it’s up on Neowing (Japan-only CDJapan branch):

Maybe it has a different URL, duh!

No, it does not. See:

Why is that so?

They don’t sell -any- Avex products anymore because of a dumb misunderstanding they have.

See this post on Eurobeat-Prime Forums for their answer: Click here.

Do you have alternatives?

Yes. I’ll try HMV Japan next time for 244. It’s about the same price. Otherwise, I’ll just have my forwarder pre-order on Neowing and re-ship me the box. Unfortunately, it’ll cost me even more than it cost me more and I’d better avoid that.


That’ll be all.

B’z – 声明 / Still Alive

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What about something that is NOT eurobeat and NOT doujin for once?


Label / Catalog Number: Vermillion Records / Being Group – BMCV-4020 / BMBB-4020
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here (master release), includes tracklist.
Release date: June 14, 2017
Rip info: Personal rip & scans
Download: CD-DVD pack; CD-only pack ; DVD-only pack

Two Twitter threads I made you MUST read.

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Hi guys.

Click the date (ie. “4:29PM – 19 June 2017”) to see the full thread.

The first thread you must read, is this one:

And the second one is NOT pleasant. If you know of my reputation, you know better than that: Read the rest of this entry »

[TGCD-0024] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 14 -SEB Vol.131 To Vol. 140-

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Suuuuuuurprise! Or maybe not if you found the cover below in the Eurobeat covers pack I offered a few days ago! (along with the tracklist)


Released: June 1st, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending TTS voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Hey Mr. Dee Jay / Domino
02. Da Burning Tokyo / Tokyo Future
03. Break It Down / Mark Gillan
04. Mikado / Dave McLoud
05. Stop Your Self Control / Marko Polo
06. Baby I’m Your Lady / Go Go Girls
07. On My Own / Donna
08. Bang / Pizza Girl
09. Demolition / J. Storm
10. Pamela / Matt Land
11. Forever / Dave & Domino
12. Loving Forever / Queen Of Hearts
13. Let The Rain / Mickey B.
14. Big Bang / Nik Key
15. Sex Crime / Oda
16. Gimme The Count / Go Go Girls
17. Baby Get My Fire Tonite / Nuage
18. I Just Want To Keep You Hangin’ On / Nuage
19. Fall In The Web Of Desire / Powerful T.
20. Mystic Love / Lou Turner
21. Power Of Desperation / Dr. Love
22. Dream On Dream / Stephy Martini
23. In The Name Of Love / Kevin Johnson
24. Beautiful Day / Lolita
25. The Race Is Over / Dave Rodgers

This mix feels rough but I know most people will love it regardless!

“Bang” by Pizza Girl is the single only Eurobeat song I know that has a tempo change. It starts up at, if I remember, at 125 BPM. Then picks up at 150 BPM when the bass drum kicks in. So, in the mix, since I had to put that 125 BPM section to 160 BPM, there will be this singing pitch change that sounds kinda ackward. So, this is your explanation why! 😉

Otherwise, SCP joins the PARTY!!!!! FINALLY! But next volume, we’ll have Hi-NRG Attack and, for a volume or two, Vibration added to the mix! \o/

Hope you enjoy this mix! See you later for SEB 243 coming later this month!