[TGCD-0023] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 13 -SEB Vol.121 To Vol. 130-

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And while you wait for me to provide SEB 242, let’s get the Next Best 25 Of SEB on the road, shall we?


Released: April 8, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Fight / Mega NRG Man
02. Supersonic Lover / Atrium Feat. Helena
03. Incredible Love / De La Vega
04. Over The Rainbow / Powerful T.
05. Fragile / The Spiders From Mars Feat. Kiko Loureiro
06. Sunday / Nuage
07. She’s A Devil / Mr. M
08. Come On / Roswell
09. Express Love / Mega NRG Man
10. Overload / Matt Land
11. Gotcha! / Domino
12. State Of The Nation / Dr. Love
13. Tonight / Delta Queens
14. Radio Tokyo / Mr. M
15. Dancing In The Rain / Matt Land
16. Dancin’ In My Dreams / J. Storm
17. The Road Is On Fire / Matt Land Feat. Kiko Loureiro
18. Ready To Go / Mega NRG Man
19. Day & Night / The Spiders From Mars
20. Living For / Virgin Power
21. Fall In Love / Stephy Martini
22. Flash In The Night / Madison
23. Killer / Dave Simon
24. Fevernova / Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro
25. Stop / Domino

Express Love! Yeah, I looped the chorus of the song once lol. Too good. For the rest, it’s a pretty good mix. However, for me, that decade wasn’t very memorable at all. From that tracklist, I’d say maybe “Fight”, “Sunday”, “She’s A Devil”, “Express Love”, “Gotcha!”, “Tonight” and Fall In Love” are memorable. Ther esta re just pretty much what i thought to be popular / what is memorable for other fans.

Anyway, enjoy!


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