Day: April 8, 2017

[TGCD-0022] The Best 25 Of Super Eurobeat Vol. 12 -SEB Vol. 111 To Vol. 120-

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It’s finally here!!


Released: April 8, 2017

Download: Single FLAC+CUE (doesn’t include ending voice over!)
Streaming: Youtube ;;; Mixcloud (include ending voice-overs @ the end of the mix)

01. Let’s Go To The Show ~ K2 The Auto Messe / Dave Rodgers
02. Listen To Eurobeat / Tokyo Future
03. Crime Of Passion / Kevin Johnson
04. Vamos A La Playa / Arena 69
05. The Year Of The Dragon / Powerful T.
06. Invisible / Matt Land
07. Wheels Of Fire / Dave Rodgers
08. Fun Fun Pharaoh / King & Queen
09. Baby Gigolò / Priscilla
10. Hot Vampire / Go Go Girls
11. Rock Of The Nation / Mad Max
12. Speed Lover / Speedman
13. Everybody Dance / Lolita
14. Ale’ Japan / Dave Rodgers
15. Da-Du-Ri-Dan / Suzy Lazy
16. Dancing Crazy / D.Essex
17. Mission To Tokyo / Mako
18. Bang Bang (Kill My Heart) / Speedman
19. Kiss Me Goodbye / Michael Beat
20. Light Your Fire / Lolita
21. Captain Fantastic / Matt Land
22. Fight For Your Empire / Powerful T.
23. She Bangs / Dr. Love
24. Fever The Night / Matt Land
25. Night Clubbin’ / Matt Land

I would believe if you thought I stopped this series. To be perfectly honnest, I had this started back at the end of Nov. 2016. I had up to track 7 mixed, I believe. But then, my focus shifted to The Best Eurobeat Of 2016, then, my focus moved onto other projects then on others then back to this… like… Middle of march. No joke. Ah well. I should be able to pick the pace nicely for the rest of the year depending on how much CDs I will rip. Hahaha.

Fun fact: I had a lot of trouble rendering the Youtube video for this mix. My GPU driver kept crashing over and over and, in turn, made Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 crash. So, after much much testing (like 1h), it’s because of a scale effect used at the total beginning that,s omehow, my GPU didn’t like. And you know what? After that first effect, there was another one, exactly the same, and there was no issue. Go figure.