[Iosys] Minami – 東方 JeuXinTerdiTs

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[Iosys] Minami – Touhou JeuXinTerdiTs

Label / Catalog Number: Iosys – IO-0164
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here includes tracklist.
Release date: Dec. 12, 2009
Rip info: Personal rip & scans
Download: Click here

And there we go. The other Minami album I purchased. Like I said in the Faithful Star post, Minami is the only IOSYS member I give a shit about. I’ll hunt down teh remaining 3 albums and make perfect rips of them. I already have one pointed down but it’s kinda expensive and I don’t know when I’ll get down to it.

Next month, it’ll be doujin month. Again. I did get SEB 189, 191-196 this month but they were all already ripped perfectly except SEB 189 and 193 (which I already made posts about them). However, I WILL be updating the OLD scans with the new one in uncompressed BMP format. It’ll come at some point. They take a lot of time to edit, clean and stuff. So yeah.

Cheers, y’all.


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