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[TGCD-0021] Super Eurobeat Fan-Made Megamix -Best Eurobeat Of 2016-

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Released: January 1st, 2017

My comments below the tracklist.

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—Italian Side [40:16]–
01. Nitrofire / Kaioh
02. Prince Of The Night / Leo River
03. I Love You From My Soul / Mari
04. Dance For Love / Dream Fighters
05. Let Me Fly On Tokyo Night / J.3 Benz
06. Hero / Ken Martin
07. Face Down / Hotblade
08. Made Out Of Fire / Seastar
09. Kiss Again / Les, Ana & Roberta
10. Power Fighter / Bon
11. Hysteria / Manuel
12. Bang My Heart / Megan
13. Fun / Jager
14. Fortune Teller / Dee Dee Wonder
15. Baby Baby / Ciao Ciao
16. Firegun / Vicky Vale
17. Never Again / Cherry
18. Night Rider / Rich Hard
19. Restarted Again / Dave Rodgers
20. We Rock’em All / Dejo & Chai
21. I’ll Never Break / Ace
22. Wake Up Everybody With Cupid / Grace 2U
23. Strawberry Heart / Elly
24. L.O.V.E. / Dima & Nam
25. I’m Back / Mega NRG Man
—Indie & Doujin Side [39:41]—
26. Lunatic Doll / Cocoa
27. Going My Way / 秋成
28. Light Of Hope / FN2 Feat. 長尾ちえみ
29. Luna’s Future (Euro Cast Mix) / Eurobeat Brony Feat. Odyssey
30. Heart In Action / David Mansfield
31. Way To The Heaven / 紅梔子
32. Bomberman / Anthony McBazooka
33. Firestorm Outbreak / Nana Takahashi
34. Blazing Burst! / NMK
35. 望郷の天、朧の月 / Shironegi
36. Power Rangers Dino Charge Theme Song ~BVG Euro Arrange~ / Cash Callaway
37. Fantastic World / 越田Rute隆人
38. Hyperspeed Out Of Control / Anthony McBazooka
39. Breaker (English Version) / Diablo=Messiah
40. 53:00:00 / 越田Rute隆人
41. Baby Blue / Rey
42. Lunatic Scarlet / 越田Rute隆人 & あき
43. Getaway / Anthony McBazooka
44. Excite Love!! / 長尾ちえみ
45. Real Dream / 越田Rute隆人 & めらみぽっぷ
46. Cloudy Sky / Shironegi
47. Shaman Queen / Nana Takahashi
48. Astro Dreamer / Nana Takahashi
49. Real × Real / 越田Rute隆人 & みぃ
50. Take Your Chance / ななひら
Track 1-46 mixed at 165 BPM. Track 47-49 mixed at 175 BPM. Track 50, in its own world, is 190 BPM (doesn’t sound like it but it is).

So, like I said in the various descriptions I did where this mix is available, I had to cut some parts off this mix to fit onto a 80min CD. It’s quite a shame though. I had to save almost 2 minutes. In bullet points, here they are:

* I originally planned to have the keytar solo in “Hysteria” by Manuel (track 11) because of how fucking amazing it is.

* I cut off part of the riff and keyboard solo in the (already short) remix of the Power Rangers song (track 36). It led to a very awkward akward transition unfortunately.

* I cut off part of the intro of “Fantastic World” (track 37). Fortunately, it doesn’t sound too much like it was butchered lol.

* I literally cut off half of the riffs of “Take Your Chance” (track 50), in and out. I believe this is the most noticeable edit I made for those who actually listen to the eurobeat / drum & bass mashup.

* Originally, I planned to have a “big boom” effect finishing off the mix and the TTS at the end with the almost silent portion of it. Unfortunately, I had to use the song’s ending and mix everything there.

* I had other choices of songs that ran over 2 minutes… We have “Hero” by Ken Martin (track 6), “Never Again” by Cherry (track 17), “Firestorm Outbreak” by Nana Takahashi (track 33), “Blazing Burst!!” by NMK (track 34) and “Baby Blue” by Rey (track 41).

* However, at the time, I did not have the CUE file ready. So, I didn’t see them. After  the fact, and checking the songs again, only “Never Again” could have a chance to have been cut nicely because the other songs were… not very edit friendly simply for the fact that there was no nice way of editing them while going where I wanted to go in order to mix songs.

I hope you enjoyed!
And happy new year 2017!

(Edit: Apparently, that’s my 200th post lol)


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Yeah! We’re back.

Thanks y’all for the patience.

Also, Best 20 Of Super Eurobeat Vol.4-6 are now fully viewable online on YT. Unfortunately, Vol. 2 would make me put my blog back to offline if I were to upload it again. So, this one won’t be viewable on YT. Also, I plan on starting a channel with all my mixes on it. So, far, the staff has been awesome and I think I’ll be verified soon so I can upload my stuff without the time limit. Yeah!

Also: new stuff planned to be uploaded in January. Woop-de-doo.


Cheers y’all.