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Oi guys.

So, the next update will be perfect rips for Toho Eurobeat Vol. 3, 4, 5 and 6. They will replace the old rips and the old rips won’t be available anymore (and, at the same time, make them unavailable on IDW). The scans will also be redone even though the old ones are 600dpi… I still don’t like how some look. Yeah, I know what some people are already saying… 400dpi from 600dpi is a downgrade yada yada yada. Look, if you like the 600dpi ones, make sure to keep them when upgrading your rip. Also my scans will add a scan of the CD since, for some reason, the 600dpi scanner doesn’t scan CDs.

Also, some time by the end of the month / early next month, there will be rips of Vol. 2 and 7 too. Those are confirmed. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm a rip for Vol.8 just yet. For A-One’s new maxi-single, “Lunatic Scarlet”, I ordered it. However, like Vol.8, I can’t confirm it just now because it’s event only I believe. I’ll know next Sunday or Monday about any confirmation.

So, we are VERY close to perfect rips for all TEBs. Best of 2011 and Best Of 2012-2013 are going to be a PAIN in the arse to get and do unfortunately. As for any “event only” CDs such as this or this, I don’t count them as part of the series. In fact, Lunatic Scarlet isn’t either… it’s just a bonus!

See you guys around.


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