[Halozy] V.A. – Snow Melody

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Label / Catalog Number: Halozy – HLZY-0015
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here includes tracklist.
Release date: Dec. 30, 2012
Rip info: From that 1+TB lossless touhou torrent.
Download: Click here
1. すみじゅん – Snow Changes To A Beat Again
2. 3L – LiveActors
3. 美里 – Discoteca
4. 桃箱 – To Be Emotional ~今だけのナイショ話~
5. Nago – Behind Her radiance
6. 美里- Plazma
7. peЯoco. – 現世の四季
8. うさ – 恋スル摩天楼
9. ななひら – 物凄いハードボイルドな諏訪子が物凄いうた
10. 花たん – Ring Of Fantasia (Digital Wing Trance Version)


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