[Digital Wing] V.A. – Frozen Traveler

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Label / Catalog Number: Digital Wing – DWCD-0005
Country: Japan
Discogs link: N/A, tracklist below.
Release date: Dec. 30, 2012
Rip info: From the “over 1TB” lossless Touhou torrent… splitted with CUETools.
Download: Click here
1. Katsu – Land Of Snow
2. 花たん – Little Traveler
3. 3L – Frozen Wing
4. 坂上なち – Ephemeral
5. 桃箱 – Prominence Of God
6. Emaru – 恋の手本
7. 美里 – Light A Voyage
8. peЯoco. – サバト的なグリモアのハート
9. 桃箱 – Moonlight? 超イイネ!
10. ななひら – アイドル職探し
11. 美里 – Plazma (Halozy Eurobeat Version)


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