Super Eurobeat Present CD

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For the longest time, I kept this for myself. I got this from a now defunct small closed community. Then, I decided, after seeing an n-th request popup for it on IDW and just share it. This release is very obscure because… it was not sold. It was given to those who bought all albums between SEB 211 and 219 inclusively. Each add a code/card you had to collect. If you got some of them, you would receive a smaller prise (which is not this) but, if you had all of them, you would receive this CD. Obviously, this promo was reserved for Japan since you needed to have a Japanese address… So, if you see this CD for sale, chances are it’s going to be worth A LOT. So, here it is again!

Label / Catalog Number: Avex Trax – AVCS-13618
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here includes tracklist.
Release date: April 2012 (no exact date)
Rip info: TheGr8est burst FLAC rip & scans (FeelsBadMan)
Download: Click here


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