Froggy Mix – No Nagging (Na-Na, Na, Na, Na) (TOXCD-3046 (Var1))

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Label / Catalog Number: Tox, Dep, Krysty Music – TOXCD-3046
Country: Canada
Discogs link: Click here
Release date: May 1, 2001
Rip info: Personal, from friend’s CD. My friend’s CD was actually damaged by water so the artwork scans looks pretty bad AND was scanned using the “OLD” settings. Unfortunately, I won’t rescan it anytime soon… 😦
Download: Click here
1. No Nagging (Nanana-Na)
2. Beautiful World
3. Disco Locomove
4. Wake Up
5. Love Loud
6. Everybody Yeah
7. Precious Thing
8. You & Me
9. Ya-Lala
10. Music
This is a very precious album for me and this version of the album is very rare. Please, if you enjoy this, share this page around!


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