Super Duper Eurobeat Vol.1

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Label / Catalog Number: Hi-NRG Attack – LMCD-59
Country: Italy
Discogs link: Click here
Release date: February 16, 2011
Rip info: Digital release.
01. Louise – Never Ending Flame (Extended Mix)
02. Miss Joke – Don’t Get Around Anymore (Extended Mix)
03. Dee Dee Wonder – When The Children Say Wow (Extended Mix)
04. Maddy Layne – One For You, Two For Me (Extended Mix)
05. Nikka Tosta – Cross My heart (Extended Mix)
06. Miss Joke – Bye Bye Valentina (Extended Mix)
07. Frank Casino – Baby Please Don’t Go (Extended Mix)
08. Boogaboo – Chemical Boy (Extended Mix)
09. Mika La-Do – Shock The Donkey (Extended Mix)
10. Frengo – Baby Don’t Say (Extended Mix)
11. Lady Truffle – Baby Don’t Break My heart (Extended Mix)

Notes: FLAC from Juno:

Click here to download. (MEGA)


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