Eurobeat Hits! Rare (iTunes release)

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Label / Catalog Number: Fantasy – ????
Country: Worldwide?
Discogs link: N/A
Release date: 2008
Rip Source: WEB, from iTunes.
01. Steamrock & Diora – DJ Twister (Extended Version)
02. Steamrock & Diora – Star Fire (Resigned Mix)
03. Giovanni Storm – Splash Wave (Extended Version)
04. Norm Schiavone – R20 Works (F Mix)
05. Eureka Queens – Show Me The Way (Extended Version)
06. Akemi – Shakunetsu… (Extended Version)
07. Steamrock & Diora – DJ Twister (Resigned Mix)
08. Steamrock & Diora – Star Fire (Star Fire Edit)

Notes: Not available on iTunes anymore. Info limited. – AAC format.

Click here to download. (MEGA)


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