V.A. – Cream Eurobeat

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Catalog Number: Hi-NRG Attack – LMCD 45
Country: Italy
Discogs link: Click here
Release date: Oct. 27, 2009
Rip Source: WEB. Junodownload.
1. E-Girlz – Get Wild & Be Sexy (Extended)
2. Jeff Driller – That’s My Car (Extended)
3. Rick Castle – Jasmine (Extended)
4. Cindy – Try My Sister (Extended)
5. Mara Nell – Tom Tom Go! (Extended)
6. Jungle Bill – Bambolita (Extended)
7. Joe Banana – Dogzilla Supermegafragilisticfantahero (Extended)
8. Ciao Ciao – Summetime Blues (Extended)
9. Franz Tornado – Bad Zulu (Extended)
10. Nick Turbo – Pinky Girl (Extended)
11. Rick Castle – Get The Reason Why (Extended)

Notes: I don’t remember if I bought this or found it elsewhere…

Click here to download. (MEGA)


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