Super Eurobeat Vol. 221

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Catalog Number: AVCD-10221
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here
Release date: Jan. 23, 2013
Rip Source: Personal but it’s an old rip done using dbPowerAmp CD Ripper in Secure mode.
1. SEB All Stars Feat. DJ Boss – SEB 4 U (Power Mix)
2. An-G – Different Girl
3. Dejo & Bon – Loving Eurobeat
4. Stephy Martin – Power & Love
5. Bamboo Bimbo – Kiss
6. Dave Rodgers – 1 Fire
7. Tipsy & Tipsy – Down Down Down
8. Cy-Ro – Born To Be Wild In My Car
9. Powerful T. – Kelly
10. Scream Team – Wacky-Wacky-O!
11. Rich Hard – Wild Boys
12. Heather Feat. Dima – Dance Eurobeat
13. Daniel – Super Driver
14. Fastway – Hyper Super Powers
15. Dejo – Boys Gone Wild

Notes: Scans are mine but are in the OLD category. See scanning page for details. I do plan on rescanning and re-ripping it once I get another copy at one point.

Click here to download. (MEGA)


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