(EastNewSound) V.A. – Sprout Intention The Instrumental

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This was uploaded on one of my MEGA account.

Click here to download.

I don’t know if it’s something I uploaded or another download link I just transfered over to my account. So, it might not meet my tagging needs. Anyway, tracklist:

01. 黒鳥 Vs. 五条下位 – Heavenly Night
02. 琉姫アルナ – Follow Your Heartbeat
03. 黒鳥 – Wither
04. きりん – 永遠の水面
05. 溝口ゆうま – 知恵の樹
06. 黒鳥 – Howling Moon
07. きりん – 藍言葉
08. Muzik Servant – Misery
09. きりん – 月虹
10. 黒鳥 – コスモス

Since it’s instrumental, the arrangers take the artist spot. Anyway, enjoy this.

Source: Unknown, online.


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