Toho Eurobeat Vol. 6 -Phantasmagoria Of Flower View-

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FYI: This Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu. She is a Yama. In other words, a Judge of the Dead. “Yamaxanadu” is NOT part of her name, it’s her title! It’s like you call an IRL judge “Your Honor” or a lawyer “Master John Smith”.

Catalog Number: AONE-0016
Country: Japan
Discogs link: Click here
Release date: August 11, 2012
Rip Source: Personal rip & scans. (Oct. 17, 2016 Update)
01. 越田Rute隆人  – T.E.B
02. あき – Summer Pop Cider -TEB “Forsaken” Remix-
03. Cocoa – 恋のAsterisk
04. 花たん – Flower Tartan
05. Nagisa – Cool Your Divinity
06. 越田Rute隆人 – Call Of Truth
07. 越田Rute隆人 × あき – Energy Flight
08. Axel.K – Flowering Fantasia
09. Akane – Tell Me
10. Mortimer & The DNA Team – The End

Click here to download. (100% rip – Update Oct. 17 2016 – MEGA)


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