State of the updates

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Alright. Another quickie.

I updated the download page for The Good Records! The only thing left to upload for there are the FLAC packages for Best of 2011 and 2012. The catalog is up too.

Q&A got two new questions.

I also got rid of the “Methodologies” section. If you want to know how I do certain things, just ask. I only kept the EAC tutorial though, available from the top.

As for next, it will be Toho Eurobeat. I will make 1 post / comp then link them all in the download page. Then, I’ll add all the other touhou stuff I uploaded and add them to the other Touhou doujins links. For Super Eurobeat, I will only make posts on what I have on my MEGA accounts and I will add more as new releases show up.

For the other kind of j-music, US pop music, other downloads… only time will tell.



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