It’s been 6 years hasn’t it? Plans for this blog.

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It’s been 6 years since I touched this blog. Yep, 6 years. And I have plans for it.

First of all, this the home of my “recording label”. I’ve been doing nonstop mixes for over a decade but been really good at it for… only a couple of years actually. It’ll still be Eurobeat all around though! Yep, still into that. So, I will post all my works and the future one here.

Second, this blog will be my dumping grounds. “Dumping grounds of what” you say?. Downloads of course. My CD rips. Here, you won’t find mainstream CDs all that often. In fact, 99% of the time they won’t. See, in the last 10 years I haven’t posted here, there’s a thing I got into mainly into the lore: Touhou Project. So, along with Eurobeat, there’ll be doujin CDs. However, I will not share what’s publicly available in online stores from the US and Canada such as SCP’s EuroKudos or Dima’s release. The CDs I will make available are usually locked to a single country of distribution, mainly Japan.

Third, relating to the first two points. FUCK MP3s. Send ’em all to hell. FLAC for all eternity. So, if you are here for MP3 downloads, please, go to Youtube or every other blogs out there. I’ll be detailing my methods some time later this week along with some basic downloads carried from the place I’m leaving. I’ll also open up a scanning area where I post my BMP scans (and scans by some other people).

If anything else come to mind, I’ll post another entry later. As for now, that’s mainly it.


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