No, I’m STILL alive.

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Hi blog, no time no see.

First of all, it has been one year and one month since I wrote to that blog.  Many things happenned since then…

Firstly, Eurobeat wise, Super Eurobeat 189 up to 201 have been released.  Between vol.199 and 200 there were a 6 months hiatus that I hated a lot.  And, when I listened to SEB 201, the other day, I was like “wow”… it sounded all new and I had such mixed emotion, but it was an incredible feeling none-the-less!

Secondly, life-wise, the ingrown toe-nail surgery is healed but something bothers me… but why does it have ANOTHER nail growing again?!?  Anyway, it doesn’t hurt one bit so it’s OK.  School wise, college is finished and I’ve earned my technical degree in Computer Science back in May 2009.  Also, from that month and on, I’m jobless.  Here, in [censored], there are ABSOLUTELY no jobs for me.  Not even in a gaz station.  What a shame.

Thirdly, I haven’t thought about B’z!  Well, 2008 was their 20th anniversary year and they released to Best Of… I think I wrote about that.  In 2009, they released a DVD in February, 2 singles (one in August and one in October) and an album in November.  Of course, I bought all of them except the DVD.  The single in October, My Lonely Town, had a DVD… which had their first ever released PV!  Wow.

Fourthly, I revived this blog to post my point-of view on piracy.  It might not please everyone’s point-of-view so be aware.  Because I respect every website’s laws on piracy, I’m not going to tell where to get stuff, how to share stuff or offer myself stuff.

To finish this post, I MIGHT post from time to time my point of view on things I read online here…  Or it can simply die like the other post.

So, later.


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