Month: June 2008

I am not dead

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Just to say that I am not dead.  It’s just that I don’t have the mind to update this blog.  Many many things happenned during the last post and well, it just sucks that I don’t have the spirit to update more oftenly.  But, like you see, I did it now.

Mainly, if I didn’t talk about it, Super Eurobeat 187 went out in May.  I bought the album, this is a good album overall.  You can find info in the link I will give later.  Also, Super Eurobeat 188 came out at the beginning of the month.  I also own it.  Good albo too.  The highlight is The Snake with “Queen Of Mean”.  OMG.  They rock this shit so good!

Also, I’m also on my job like I said in the last post.  However, I have a correction.  I gain 16.02$/h and not 15$.  On a week, i gain 303.50$ CAD.  Enough to buy myself a nice 24″ monitor!!  Indeed, I did buy one!  It’s a ViewSonic Q241wb.  I bought it online for 510.50.  Yeah, I know, it’s expansive.  Now, I’m only looking for a nice DVI-D Dual Link cable to plug on my monitor instead of the cheap and old VGA.  I guess ViewSonic is too cheap to include one with their monitor…

I also moved to Windows Vista in May.  It was neet and problems-free move.  I experienced no compatibility problems yet.  Only my 3-in-1 printer was not compatible with Vista because Lex-shit.

Also, I learned that nVidia will release a new brand of graphic cards : the GTX 200 that will replace the getting old GeForce brand (I didn’t want to see GeForce 10000 brand).  It will also include a PhysX GPU core that will make 3D effects more beautiful, more realistic.

Also, the final version of Firefox 3 will be out on June 17.  That should be Thursday 😉

Super Eurobeat 189 is out one July 2 if I’m not wrong…

B’z’s B’z The Best Ultra Pleasure will be out next Wednesday… looking forward to it, and a lot.  Also, the intermediate results for The Best Ultra Treasure are out… :

1. Brotherhood
2. ONE
3. Koi-Gokoro (KOI-GOKORO)
4. Wonderful Opportunity
5. BURN -Fumetsu no Face-
6. New Message
7. Yumemi ga Oka
8. Sayonara Nanka ha Iwasenai
9. Ai ja Naku Naru Hi
10. Pierrot

12. Swimmer yo!!
13. Home (U.S. iTunes Version)
14. Mou Ichido Kiss Shitakatta
15. RUN
17. YOU & I
18. Gekkou
19. Arakure
20. Nagai Ai

21. TIME
22. ROCK man
23. OH! GIRL
25. Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu
26. Kienai Niji
27. Haru
29. Happiness
30. Don’t Leave Me

32. F-E-A-R
33. Taiyou no Komachi Angel
34. Magnolia
35. Liar! Liar!
36. Real Thing Shakes
38. Dakara Sono Te wo Hanashite
40. MOVE

Good list, good list.

I want to note that, I won’t post in French anymore sorry.

For Eurobeat infos, go here : and check the forums too 😉

As for now, bye.