Vista and other stuff

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So, today, I bought the ‘mighty’ Windows Vista and I am now running it as my main OS.  No dual boot.  So, yeah, I complety abandon XP.  I’m always saying that we need to evolve and move on.  But, I need a new printer since Lexmark is sucking balls at making drivers for my printer and, it isn’t very old on top of all.

And, also, basically, this week was my first week at work.  It was pretty good.  I mean, we didn’t have to rest at all, there was always something to do.  Monday, I’ve put burners inside the computers all day long because all 135 of them didn’t have any.  Wednesday, to be honest, I don’t remember much of that day.  But, as far as I remember, I know that I have put some burners in the computers also.  Thursday, we finished the burners in the new computer, then, we installed some IDE DVD burner into the network class’ station computers.  Then, for the rest of the day we moved around some old computer equiments like Pentium II & III and monitors.

So, that’s it 😉


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