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It has been a while since I posted.  I was very busy with the end of my semester at the college and to finish my work and all and all.

Yes, yes, I’ve said it, I’m done for the summer!  College out!  Oh well… wait a sec… my job, that starts Tuesday, is at my college.  Well, that’s a totally different matter.  I will speak about it now because I’m very happy about it.

First, my job is a computer technician with 2 others of my fellow computer science people and 2 full-time computer technician of the college.  As for me, my schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm.  21 hours a week at 15$/h.  My other fellows will work Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm but at 10$/h… as I heard.  So, I’ll be winning about ~275$ by week after the taxes.  I’ll be working for 8 weeks.  The month of July is off (Yay!) and I work two weeks in August.

Summary (me only):

– 15$/h

– 21h/week

– May 20 to June 26 and August 5 to 14.

– Tuesday to Thursday, every week.

So, after all the expanses, I have calculated that I would have approximatively have 1500$ for myself.  In the expanses, I have :

– 375$ for one semester of school bus.

– 215$ for school fees

– 80$ for my friend that will carry me and back to the job. (10$ per week)

So… (275*8)-375-215-80 = 1530.

That’s it for now… for the job I mean.

Other news, I have bought Super Eurobeat 187 and I should have it… tomorrow or Tuesday.  I hope because, except Can Can World, I didn’t get a full listen of it yet and the other Super Eurobeat (Vol.188) is coming in 2 weeks.  Also, I have bought, on eBay,  13 B’z singles and 5 B’z albums.  For approximatively 80$ shipping included.  In the pack, there is two times Hadashi No Megami (Barefeet Goddess).  With this, I will have two Big Machine and two TMG’s TMG I album.  If you didn’t get it, I already have one TMG I and one Big Machine.

For your information, TMG means Tak Matsumoto Group and Tak Matsumoto is the guitarist of B’z.

So, I will be sending those for free to those who wins to some trivia here at my/this forum : .

I think I missed something above… the list of those CDs I won at eBay.

– Hadashi No Megami (8cm) (miniCD, single)

– Hadashi No Megami (12cm) (Normal CD single (re-issue))

– Big Machine (Album, CD)

– Eleven (Album, CD)

– (TMG) Oh Japan! ~Our Time Is Now~ (Single, CD)

– (TMG) TMG I (Album, CD+DVD)

– Tak Matsumoto – Theatre Of Strings (Album, CD)

– Ring (Single, CD)

– Lady Navigation (Single, CD (re-issue))

– Itoshii Hito Yo, Good Night… (Single, CD (re-issue))

– Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni (Single, CD)

– Juice (CD, Single)

– The Circle (CD, album)

– Ai No Mama Ni Wagamama, Ni Boku Wa Kimi Dake Wo Kiztsukenai (8cm CD, Single)

– Calling (8cm CD, Single)

– Blowin’ (8cm CD, Single)

– Giri Giri Chop (8cm CD, single)

– Taiyou No Komachi Angel (8cm CD, single)

That’s a good lot indeed.  Very good price also… If you calculate, each single is 1000 yen and every album is about 3000 yen.  (13*1000 (for singles)) + (5*3000) + 10420 yen (shipping – EMS – No Air Mail for over 4000g of stuff) = ~370$ CAD  So, I saved ~290$ by buying those on Ebay!!!!!!!  On top of all, my credit card wouldn’t have taken it becoz its limit is 300$.

Anyway, if I remember of anything else to say, I’ll post!

Alors, je suis Lebon14… Au revoir 😉


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