Humor & The Web Vol.01

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From now on, every Saturday, I will post 10 links to Flash or videos to watch from the Internet. On a side note, all links opens in a new window! So, be sure that your pop-up blocker accept those. If not, copy the link into the address bar!

Youtube :

Cauchemar89’s Let’s Play of Adventure Island II (NES).

Check this playlist and watch the videos!

A Let’s Play is someone playing, on emulator or a real PC game, while recording and commenting his playing. While playing everything can happen : funny misses and stuff. Sometimes, if the person is good enough, they can beat the game they are LPing (read Let’s Playing), without problems. The most popular games are those that are hacks of classic games like Super Mario World.

The best of Youtube Poop

Youtube poop consists of taking videos are making fun of them. Most popular are the Zelda & Mario spoofs. Here are the 5 best videos (to me) :

Luigi’s Subliminal Message :

What is spaghetti :

Mama Luigi?! :

Mario Hotel :

Mario Is A Volcano :

Newgrounds clips

Here is 5 selected flashes to see on

Phoenix Wrong : Court Freaks 2 :

Phoenix Wrong 2 : Court Freaks 2 is a spoof of the Phoenix Wright Nintendo DS games. It takes various songs and sounds anywhere from the net to create funny stuff with Phoenix Wright and co.

Indiana Stick :

IndianaStick is a short, fast and creative flash video based on Indiana Jones. It has a funny ending! Check it out!

Ghost Fight Battle Of Swords :

An incredible fight using swords. The soundworld is incredible. This is a must see!

Dream Thieves :

This is a flash music video made with the song “Dream Thieves” by Sonata Artica. The video is very well done. It’s a most watch if you happen to like power metal!

-Move Your Feet- :

An awesome little funky flash music video! Very catchy song and, of course, video. Watch it now!

Well, that’s it for today. Au revoir 😉


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