Partial municipal mayor election and good weather

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Version française :

Today, it was our little town’s partial municipal mayor election. So, I had to go vote completely blind. Not ‘Blind’ in “I can’t see” but in ‘I have no idea what to answer’. So, I had 3 choices. Hébert, Dey & Lamontagne. I voted for Dey but I didn’t know what I was voting for. I was clueless in fact. But, I was sure for ONE thing : I wouldn’t vote for Lamontagne coz he owns a “in bankruptcy” in the other part of the town. The reason why the grocery is like that, it’s because he made the decision to make the grocery larger while the old one was enough (way enough, if you ask me). Anyway, for this reason, I won’t let him be the mayor of our town. I learned later that Hébert was the owner the mortuary salon of our town. I would have voted for him if I would have known earlier. Anyway, vote done, it’s too late.

And, today’s weather… totally wonderful. It’s a beautiful 5oC with a bright sun and absolutely no clouds! Awesome! It was perfect for a walk, and I did one. The breeze was light and refreshing. If all days would be like that, I would be happy… really! On this day, a lot of people was outside taking a walk. Now, we can say that Spring started!

A picture I took about now from my balcony :

(click for full size)

Beau temps


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