I don’t know what to say

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I need to keep my blog alive… for that I need to post something and I don’t what to say really. There’s events that happens here and here but it’s not worth to talk about. The reason why I did not post anything special last week is because I was in Spring break and there was not much to say. So, so, so…

So, first, my legs are worn. Wednesday morning’s training leaves marks as I see…

Secondly, I listened to SEB 186’s preview today… the album is quite divided. Anyway, I hope it’ll be better with the full versions. And, I know that the Niko song is deceiving.

Thirdly, Windows XP’s 3rd SP (SP3) will be released in mi-April. Good news for those who persist to stay with XP (I say this because I’ll move to Vista soon).

Fourtly, that’s maybe the century’s miracle news : I bought and received my R4DS that reads Nintendo DS roms that we download on the net. Obviously, I won’t give any links because it’s not realy… legal. I’m looking forward to receive my microSD flash card and to start to play a little because I feel a little too stressed to my liking. Ah! I almost forgot, I say that because I’m habitually the kind to buy my games.

I seriously starting to fucking hate cégep…

Bye everyone, I leave you on this.


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