TechnoDay : March 14, 2007

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Version française ici!

(here is the promised post!)

At the menu today :

1. Vista’s successor in 2010?

2. Confirmation about rumors about Microsoft buying Logitech. Those are false.

3. Firefox 3 Beta 4 available.

1. Vista’s successor in 2010?

Logo VistaAccording to, it is said that Windows Seven (code name of Vista’s successor) will come out at the beginning of 2010, it means, in a little less than 2 years. The OS would still be at the stage of a draft. According to rumors, it would be lighter than Vista for the same functionnality.

Lebon’s comments : Yep… it would be interresting but I think that at the release at the beginning of 2010 is a little too optimistisc. Certain persons believe that upgrading directly to Seven would be better than upgrading to Vista before. I still have doubts on those sayings. When the time will arrive and the OS will be released, people will act like Vista : “This OS is a piece of sh**. Stay on Vista which is more mature!” The same thing they said for Vista in 2007 and the same for XP in 2002. They are never happy. Wait for the release before judging.

2. Confirmation about rumors about Microsoft buying Logitech. Those are false.

Logo LogitechA couple of weeks ago, Clubic published a news saying that there was rumors about Microsoft buying Logitech for 6 billion of dollars. Then, last week, one of Logitech’s representative confirms that the rumor is false and that they had no such intentions about Microsoft buying them. Don’t forget that Logitech is known for their mouse, keyboards and gaming pads of excellent quality.

Lebon’s comments : When I saw the rumor for the first time, I really didn’t like it because Logitech is my favorite brand of mouse and keyboards. Then if Microsoft would have bought Logitech, it would be impossible for me to buy this brand again. When I saw that, I said “Yay!” for a false rumor!

3. Firefox 3 Beta 4 available

Firefox logoTuesday, the Mozilla Fondation published Firefox 3’s beta 4. On the menu, we have a new interface, better memory management and better performance (10x faster than IE7), etc.

Lebon’s comments : I’m really really really looking forward to the official release! *Rub up his hands against other impatiently*

That’s it. Short n’ sweet.

Lebon out.

P.S : No links available for the English version, you can search google for it 🙂 For, Firefox Beat 4, check the download section.


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