Super Fail 186

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SEB186 cover

We are already on March 7 and SEB 186 is coming at the beginning of April. I have to say that I’m looking forward to this one… but there’s something wrong.

First, Avex is a real bitch. The other day, they kicked Time’s ass (read : “fired”) because “they were copyrighting songs to other labels”. Really stupid, Avex.

Too, Avex decided to cut down prices on the album. Good thing. But, all good things doesn’t happen without bad points. Obviously, Avex cut down the number of new tracks to… 13 tracks. Thirteen extended version maybe, but still! I imagine the variety on the album when Saifam and Sainclair style are coming back…

I think this album fails, it’s where my post’s name’s coming from.

Anyway, Avex hold so much the labels by the collar that they don’t have any space to move.

Anyway, here are the confirmed tracks.

Bang Bang Crashing Of The Boom Boom /Ciao Ciao [Hi-NRG Attack]

Let’s Go WIld / Niko [Sinclaire Style]

Rock N’ Roll / Mark Farina [Saifam]

I Love My Dog / Vivi [SCP]

Rebell Yell / Cherry [Delta]

Hey Hey / Nuage [A-Beat-C]

People Like Dancing / Mega NRG Man [A-Beat-C]

I will post the official tracklist as soon as I have it.



One thought on “Super Fail 186

    DXPetti said:
    March 9, 2008 at 21:48

    I pray to the SEB gods that it is a step up from 185 which in my books was one of the worst SEB releases I have ever heard.

    I wish more songs were like Dark Angels – Right Now or Spock – Fire’s On Me; you know that dark sort of overtone. Its just another dimension that Eurobeat in my opinion needs to expand to but unfortunately with the rising popularity of ParaPara I forsee this not happening 😦

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